posted on: March 16, 2010

{via society6}

you're obsessed, i know.
it's OK, you don't have to hide it.
did i woo you? 
...with my people, diversity, culture, food, artists, and amazing weather?!?!?!
(OK, i'm not going to lie, the weather isn't always like this!)
i'll miss your incessant banter. 
your husband says you never talk this much!
i know you'll be back.
i know you'll be back real soon.

i hope you enjoyed the inspiration overload!


  1. Oh man I hear Portland is amazing. I am sure you had an amazing trip:)

    Anywhere with inspiration overload is a good place in my book!

  2. So glad my little city wooed you :). I'm also glad you got good weather. You should come back in summer someday... The weather is downright hot and there are so many more delicious thing to eat and drink and fun thing to do. Next time we'll have to meet up :).

    Hope you have a lovely day!


  3. is that light photography i see there??? i read about this on photojojo!!!! did you take this image yourself??? jennifer, you are amazing!!! please teach me how to do that!!! =)


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