posted on: October 18, 2009

a while back i perused through my 'rents kitchen for treasures...
and boy did i find treasures!
among the many things i discovered was a lovely vintage crêpe maker!
this beautiful crêpe maker was a wedding present to them back in 1978. 
it had never been used...and i thought it was about that time!

let's just say josh, mike, amy and i were happy campers last night! :)


  1. yum!! what an exciting thing to find!
    crepes + nutella = delicious! :)

  2. next...i'll have to try homemade nutella!
    i told mike about that post of yours!!!

  3. you should! its soo easy! and if you roast the hazelnuts a little bit longer then you're supposed to it gives it a nice roasted taste.

  4. does that mean you have a vintage husband? i think HE was an exciting find too! <3

  5. oh, i just saw this. i want one. make it for me now.


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