posted on: November 07, 2009

i don't even know where to begin...
watching dead man's bones play on the 31st was like thanksgiving and christmas put together (!)...
and then some.
extremely moving...and definitely one of the best shows i've seen in a really...really, long time.

FULL to the brim with talent...zach shields.
no words necessary :)
ok, maybe a few words. i have so much respect for this kid!
the deeply artistic duo.
short film.

amelia(?) doing her thaaang on 'bang bang'.

party. on. the. stage.

until next time boys...!


  1. Just to say "hi!" and that Dead man's bones is one of my dearest music discoveries of 2009! Hoping one day I'll see them... somewhere...

  2. morticia! they are incredible!!!
    i hope with all my heart that you get to see them live because they will blow you away!
    thanks for stopping by and saying hi ;)
    please come again!!!


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