posted on: November 19, 2009

this show's vibe was glorious!
creativity overflowed
imagine a hip laundromat/cafe filled to the brim...
or i guess you can see it here.
standing room only and over a hundred people outside peering through the windows!
i stood on a chair in the back. and sadly, i still i couldn't see jack and nataly!!! boo ham.
oh...except when jack would showcase his craziness. it was good, real good.
i think they exceeded everyone's expectations.
i also think they were like celebrities that night.
they played a song outside for the outsiders.
sweet sauce.
besides being pushed and shoved in my tiny space, i had a blast at this show!!!
thanks matt and gabe for protecting me that night! :)

oh and please give their music a listen!
they are also amazing people.


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