2010, hello!

posted on: January 04, 2010

{photo by cocoagreen}

i've never really been serious about new year's resolution lists but this year i'm pretty obsessed.
there's something about the beginning of 2010 that's taken a fresh new meaning in my life.
i can happily look back on 2009 but am definitely looking forward to 2010--and especially the creative endeavors i have been dreaming (daily) about for some time!
josh and i just celebrated a lovely, lovely one year anniversary and i'm feeling really inspired.
plus, i adore lists, and goals...so, what's not to love?!
these are the things i want to work on:
[here goes somethin'!]

  • more prayer, lots and lots of prayer
  • efficiency with the time i do have
  • punctuality!
  • patience.
  • organization in all aspects of my life [balance in all areas of my life]
  • learning how to be content with my circumstances, yet not settling
  • spending more quality time with my husband
  • spending more quality time with dear friends
  • spending more quality time alone
  • letting go
  • creating my new etsy shop(s)
  • developing and creating products to sell at sally loo's cafe
  • getting out in nature (and learning to love it as much as the city hehe)
  • weekly community crafting nights
  • being less of a homebody! socializing more
  • having a warmer soul
  • exercising
  • drinking more water
  • eating a more balanced diet (less junk food!)
  • engaging in more outreach
  • stepping outside of myself!
  • loving.
my new year's resolutions are not limited to this list!
these are the first things that come to mind.
it will grow with time, i'm sure of it.

what's on your list?

with a warm and overflowing heart!!!,


  1. j: love your new year's resolutions...so funny i had just sent you a message inquiring what they may be. i also adore your christmas card. so lovely. great design. and perfect picture of you both! have a great day!


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