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posted on: January 27, 2010

my friends david and nelita post some pretty awesome things on their blog!
here are a few that have caught my eye.
and on a side note, they are newly pregnant!
congrats, congrats dear friends!

you must! click HERE


from  a russian photography contest
[via dave and nel, via here]

the following is hilarious/genius.
photographer william hundley gets people to jump with a blanket...and then...

SNAP! goes he. check out his entoptic phenomena flickr set.

thanks "nave and del" for sharing.
miss and love you guys (A LOT)!


  1. Dang!!!! That "Love is Patient" link is unreal! It's amazing!

  2. i LOVE that second picture! nice composition and coloring.. definitely caught my eye! it's almost as if he's looking into the center of the earth.. like he may fall in..

  3. wow, i felt like i was getting hypnotized when i clicked on the link. truly, truly, truly thinking outside of the box, which i absolutely admire! i am in total love with the first image. i LOVE the mish mash and the symbolism and the message.


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