happy birthday michael! (yesterday, hehe)

posted on: January 22, 2010

this will always be my favorite picture of us...!

happy birthday brother bear!
i love you!

check out my bro's fresh off the press tee line (!) [le grand cru] [blog] [site]!


  1. OMG, this is precious. My siblings and I are SO NOT like this. hahaha. Man, I am so behind on my blogs. You have blogged so much since I was gone! Shmanyways...if you really do want something designed and it's not complicated, let me know. wink wink! haha.

  2. Thanks Jenn!
    I love You!

  3. Oh my gosh, how sweet!! Happy Birthday to him! I'm off to check out his tee line! xo

  4. Oh my goodness gracious, that is the cutest pic I have ever seen!


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