jello, portland!

posted on: January 06, 2010

yes! we have just celebrated our one year anny in sf [with some of our best friends!]! (pics to come...)
i will admit, it was glorious!
our original plan was to jet to portland for some city lovin'. but...
unfortunately my poor husband is suffering from a herniated disc
...and will be having surgery next wednesday...
send one up if you get a chance!
nothin' stops us (or should i say him?) though!
we just booked tickets to portland for mid-march (thanks mama!)!
by then, we pray and hope for healing and good health.
(and that josh will be doing the irish jig!)

in the meantime, i'll be frequently checking abby's new project/blog [portland places] (seen here)
...for gems and jewels in the city :)
photographs+words+fave spots in the city? what could be better!?
thank you abby!!! (and please dear, blog a wholllleeeee lot from now until march)!
 {photo by abby}
p.s. visit her lovely photography shop!

i love you, josh!


  1. Yeah for Portland! Other places to see. Multnomah Village is awesome You'll find Mia's Boutique-awesome clothes; Switch Shoes-euro style shoes; Village Beads, etc.

    SE Belmont, SE Hawthorne, The Pearl, Old Town... SO MANY AWESOME PLACES!

    Papa G's Organic Vegan Restaurant

    Awesome Tex-Mex = Por Que No? in NE and SE Portland

    Hot Lips Pizza

    St. Cupcake

    Le Happy

    I could go on and on and on... and on.... and on...

  2. oh mannnnn marnellie!
    thanks so much!
    i may contact you when march comes closer :)

  3. happy anniversary!! and what a great find... her photography is beautiful.

  4. aw thanks katie! very beautiful indeed!!! :)


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