hello, weekend!

posted on: February 22, 2010

this weekend i went nowhere, but everywhere.

i saw beauty, a lot of beauty. i saw bits of spring.
i spent quality time with friends.
i laughed.
i cried.
i laughed 'til i cried!
it's weekends like these that awaken my soul! and give me peace.

my feet took me places! colorful places.
they saw growth!
and life!
and hints of spring.
beautiful hints of spring!
they brought me to the local library.
girls night out!
tea, lots and lots of tea.
sunday morning sunlight.

(they had me @ hello!)

tell me about your weekend!

with happy feet,


  1. hi! i love your blog. It reminds me of every beautiful thing I love about slo that I miss. the mustard fields! blossoms in the trees! best.

  2. thanks for waking my sleepy eyes up this morning!!

  3. ADORABLE purple shoes girl! i love how you paired them against that bright yellow floor. the pictures of the flowers are simply amazing as well! my weekend consisted of more painting the basement ceiling/walls and a sewing class with my girls! the weather was snowy and HORRIBLE, spring needs to come ASAP!

  4. those purple shoes are way too cute! :) love the ruffles.

    i went snowboarding for the first time this weekend! and i don't have any broken bones today! yay!

  5. ohmy jen! LOVE this post.


    drooling over your shoes too :)

  6. so this is an amazing post! from what you wrote to the GORGEOUS pictures! i dont even know what i did this weekend.. and i know it wasnt as pretty as yours! very inspiring for this week/weekend :)

  7. your photos are gorgeous! glad i happened along your blog.

  8. ok

    1. i am in serious LOVE with your shoes. incredible.

    2. i am STILL dying to see the vagina monologues.

    3. your photos are gorgeous and

    4. your meals look super delish.


  9. Oh your photographs are so beautiful!

  10. ohmygoodness! thank you friends for such sweet comments!

    get your own pair of fuchsia flats at your very own local target!
    $12.99 baby!

    love you all...

  11. I love your shoes as well! Great contrast to that yellow. Great post! btw, WHO fixed that AMAZING omelette and what is in it?!!



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