Small Adventure::Showcase! and Giveaway!

posted on: February 09, 2010

Today is a very exciting day! 

I am very proud to be showcasing a new upcoming shop and craft venture
as well as the talent of two lovely ladies (who are creative geniuses might I add)!
And I am hosting a giveaway! Yay!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you,
by Keiko Brodeur-Ward and Anna Hurley

What you can win!

A little bit about Small Adventure!
The following questions were answered by Keiko, the founder! :)

Tell us about yourself!
I started Small Adventure almost a year ago in response to all the awesome high quality crafts I was seeing on Etsy and the ingenuity and imagination people were putting into their ideas. I became very excited to try it myself since I've always loved making things. I started with some simple crafts like the elephants and button pins and am now trying to do both crafts and paper goods with the emphasis being mostly on the paper goods. Anna Hurley, who is a master designer, joined Small Adventure a few months ago and began adding her beautiful work to the shop. 

What inspires you to create the products you do? 
Anna and I both have similar taste and a love of old children's illustrations, graphic design and stories. We feel inspired and challenged to create a cohesive line of adventure-y themed products with a child-like feel to them. Although we are inspired by pretty much everything cool on the web there are a few particular Etsy shops that we have been extremely inspired by. Somethings Hiding In Here (etsy), Ninon (etsy), Nice (etsy), Forest Bound (etsy) and Darling Clementine (etsy) are just a few of those. There are also tons of awesome illustrators out there that have given us so many great ideas.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years With Your Craft Business?
First of all, we'd love to have a huge line of paper goods and a strong line of high quality crafts that are truly unique. We'd also love to exhibit at tons of different craft fairs, especially the Renegade Craft Fairs which we're trying to get into this year in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Another big goal I'd like to see us fulfill in the next 5 years (maybe?) is to go to the National Stationery Show in New York which would be so surreal! But ultimately no matter what we do, I'd like for us to be able to support ourselves with our business and continue making things that stretch our creativity.

Thank you Keiko and Anna for sharing with us! You both are so inspiring!

How to enter the giveaway!
{You can enter up to three times}

1. Visit Small Adventure's etsy shop and comment on this post with what your favorite item is!

2. Become a follower of "I art U" by clicking the "follow" button on the left hand side of this blog (easy entry if you are a blogspot user!) and comment to let me know if you already "follow" this blog or are a new follower!

3. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and comment with a link from your post! 

(note: you may comment once stating the (one to three) ways you have entered, or leave separate comments for each entry!) If you have any questions, feel free to email me at!

The giveaway ends Tuesday, February 16 at 11:59 PM!
Comments left after this time will not be accepted.

Winner will be announced on February 17!
Alright, now it's your turn! Please spread the word and show Small Adventure some loooooooooooooove!!! :)
Comment away!
Good day, and Good luck!




  1. Oh wow. I love EVERYTHING in this shop! But most of all I like the Yellow Checkered Elephant and the Monogrammed Fabric Buttons. And the hearts. And EVERYTHING!!!!

    Hey, I see they are in South Pas! I used to live there. In fact, I got married out there on Orange Grove and Green back in October of 2008. Small world.

    Best of luck to them! A lovely store!

  2. everything looks adorable but i love the felt mailing envelope and the airmail envelope! ahh too cute!

  3. I absolutely love the Monogrammed Heart Pins! Hands down my favorite!

  4. aw i like all of the cards! mainly the "we were meant for each other" card :)

    ps: i'm a new follower! and i love your blog!

  5. oh my, it's hard to choose only one, but it would have to be the monogrammed button pins (especially the "b" one :)

    although i have been following your blog since it's inception, i am now an "official" follower! i too love your blog and am often inspired with what you write. <3

    best of luck to small adventure!

  6. i want the reusable envelopes!!!


  7. look at you go!! :) i love the wooden coaster ornament. so cute!
    p.s. day 1 follower. lu!!

  8. Oh man! This is a great giveaway! But it's so hard picking a favorite from their shop. I love the Dala Horse Cross Stitch, but the Banana/Phone card is too adorable for words. And the reusable envelopes! Genius!

  9. I'm following I Art U with google reader!

  10. hi jen! you know i already follow you... and i love the reuseable envelopes!!!

  11. I'm having a hard time deciding what I love more. The felt envelope or the little elephant. I would like both please.

  12. this was so nice to read! keiko is such a sweet lady and i'm very flattered to have been mentioned up there!
    i think my current Small Adventure favorites are the "If Only I Could Get To You" card as well as the "We Like Camping" card..very cute and such a great style to them!

  13. The Reusable Felt Envelopes are soo creative! They are awesome! Please enter me!

  14. I am following i art u via Google Friend Connect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Great giveaway! Am now following your blog, jenfurmishel:P

    Love Small Adventure's Wood Slice Holiday Ornaments.

  16. well, you KNOW i already follow your blog :) so. hi!

  17. my fav is the letterpress *hubba hubba* 'its a race'

  18. great giveaway - i did a blog find post on your blog
    i am also now a follower and i love the airplane printthe best

  19. I love love the Yellow Checkered Elephant w/ Embroidered Blanket and the Monogrammed Heart Pins, especially the chocolate colored one... so pretty and nice!

  20. I love the "We Were Meant For Each Other" card with the kissing pears, which would make a great wedding or engagement card. I also love the animals and the felt envelopes. And everything else!

  21. I was following on Google Reader but now I am a bona fide follower via Blogspot.

  22. I just realised that it is actually an illicit affair between a pear and a light globe! I blogged about it here:

  23. i love this stuff! favorite has to be the monogrammed hearts or the buttons...adorable

  24. I have been checking your blog for a while...i guess it is about time I officially follow the blog

  25. And I adore the brown checkered elephant!

  26. i love the wood slice ornament! too cute!

  27. p.s. thanks for redirecting me to the correct blog post. i'm a dunderhead sometimes. :D

  28. the checkered brown elephant is adorable!

  29. jennifer! i am soo sad that i didn't start following your blog earlier! this is a lovely giveaway! well anyways, i'm glad i found it now! =) love it!!!


    I think your brand would do great on one of my favorite sites:


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