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posted on: March 04, 2010

jimmy carter by jennifer steinkamp
"Jimmy Carter is a site-specific video installation that fills large walls of the gallery; thousands of computer synthesized flowers swing back and forth. The flowers create an illusion where space seems to dematerialize. It feels as though the walls are moving along with the flowers..."

(please let me know if you know the real source of this artist/photo!)

gummi bears chandelier

{via swissmiss



La serie nace de la gran colaboraci√≥n entre los equipos de Normal™ y Tramando.

{via seesaw}

this pic of kat dennings is so moving to me! 
see great performers (for the new york times
by paolo pellegrin (photographs) and lynn hirschberg (audio) for amazing-ness!

{via mw blog}

exposed sprocket holes! YUM. 



  1. I really love beautiful instalation art. It is very inspiring to be so interactive with a piece.

  2. these are such beautiful and colorful inspirations! and OMG, are those seriously GUMMY BEARS?!?!?! that is sooo cool! and it looks like you can BUY on too, LOL! so awesome!!

    have a lovely weekend, jennifer!

  3. Wow. The Lustro picture is amazing.


  4. That is awesome, all those gummy bears!


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