posted on: March 11, 2010

want a new towel? leave it in the tub.
no tub? leave it in the shower.
no shower? leave it in the sink.
no sink? leave.


  1. why didn't you pack us in your suitcase?! hubs and i have "stay at each of the ace hotels" on our to-do list. and the portland location in particular just kills me with its loveliness. so jealous!

  2. i hope you're having a great time! i love portland so much. be on the look out for my sister!

  3. kenny and i need to be next to those legs. :)
    have fun!

  4. so cool! those hotels look awesome!!! :) have a grand weekend!

  5. what a cool photo and hilarious commentary! hope you are having fun in portland!


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