posted on: March 10, 2010

i'm taking some time off!

...going to be exploring an amazing city with the hub!

i might do some blogging...maybe a few sneak peeks of our trip?! we'll see.



thank you to all who shot me emails/messages/comments about hot spots in portland!
i already know i'm going to enjoy your recs thoroughly!!!

...and if you're reading this and know of a few "must go" places, send a comment my way! :)
i'd love to hear from you!

see you soonish!


  1. your blog is precious! i like it!
    can't wait to hear about portland. i've never been, but i'm in san fran and totally want to get up there at some point!

  2. oh stop! i have been pondering ordering one of those posters all week!
    you have great taste j! have the best time! can't wait to hear all about it!


  3. Enjoy and have a lovely, lovely time!

  4. I just recently discovered a Stumptown Coffee in Downtown PDX. but if you're looking for a quirky place check out: http://rimskys.blogspot.com/

    If you're looking for a cheap dinner and a movie. check out Kennedy School, The Bagdad or Mission Theater. The movies are $3 (they're older films) and the bring the food to you :)

    Hope you have fun! FB me if you want a few more suggestions or need some "getting around" tips, PDX can be confusing sometimes.


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