hello, weekend! (is back!!!)

posted on: April 19, 2010


this weekend was incredible! 
besides the big par-tay (pics coming soon!!!),
this bon fire/trampoline/hot dog and s'mores night was the only thing i documented!
it was definitely a highlight of the weekend though!
this beautiful setup overlooking slo is at our friends jesse and shannon's place.
i think this bon fire gathering was the first of many more to come...

hope you all had a fab weekend!


  1. A little red wagon full of bonfire supplies is all any good weekender needs to be prepared! ...plus maybe a giant trampoline and a gorrrgeous view.

    your pictures make me happy :)

  2. That looked like a wonderful weekend sweets! I always wanted to be jumping up and down on a giant trampoline!!!

  3. OMG!!! hand over all those yummies!! LOL. looks like you had a really nice weekend!!

  4. GORGEOUS photos! i love your blog!

  5. stunning collection. i feel like i'm there with you. so gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  6. aww it looks like you had so much fun from these gorgeous shots! i need a nice relaxing weekend away from everything. :)

  7. awwww this looks like sooo much fun!! jennifer, please teach me how to take photos as good as you!!! i'm in awe looking at yours! what camera and lens do you use?? and mmm mmm smores... i could eat one right now!!!

  8. oh man... so i am totally freaking out right now! i know exactly where that is! that trampoline is my aunt and uncles!!! they live down the hill a little bit in the blue house with the pool!! how crazy is that!?? looks like so much fun!


  9. This looks SO amazing!! What an absolutely perfect weekend :) And you captured it beautifully!


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