tuesday feature :: bird in a bunny suit

posted on: April 27, 2010

i'm liking the idea of a tuesday feature
every tuesday i will be highlighting an 
artist, crafter, maker, musician, film, small business, company etc. 
that i connect with and am inspired by! 

first up: bird in a bunny suit (via frankie)
auckland based artist and designer bayley collins creates pieces that center around small collages and drawings inspired by a collection of found images. all of her pieces are one of a kind!

woodland creatures playing dress-up? genius. 
bird in a bunny suit


  1. Gah! Bird in a bunny suit!?! How adorably cute is that! This Tuesday feature sounds great! There are so many amazing talents out there. It's great to share their creations.

    Talk soon j!

  2. omg this is sooo cute! my sister in law used to collect animals dressed up as different animal stuffed animals! like dog in a panda suit, bear in a giraffe suit, monkey in a koala suit, hehe!

  3. Heh! What a neat idea - these are very cute!

    P.S thanks for dropping by my blog too! I don't develop the Diana film myself...yet! They are very fun.


  4. oh so cute! i love the woodland creatures! ;)

  5. There're wonderful! I love the tea party!!

  6. I love bunnies!! And birds!! So overwhelmed with how cute those are!


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