easter and such!

posted on: April 02, 2010

the weekend awaits me!

looking forward to climbing madonna mountain for a sunrise service!
looking forward to a phenomenal brunch following!
and looking forward to eggy activities! easter is not complete without eggy activities!

here's a round-up of a few eggy projects! enjoy :)

egg shell votives!
via martha
(spotted on that's happy!)

all-natural egg dyes!
(spotted on paper n stitch!)

egg shell planters!
succulents!? amazing.
(spotted on that's happy!)

leaf egg prints!

chocolate eggs! amazing!!!
via martha

and my favorite from present & correct!
for the whole shabang go here.

what are your weekend plans?!
eggy projects!?



  1. oooh, thanks! i'll have to try one of these out.
    wish i could be up there this wknd for all the fun activities!! lulots!

  2. Beautiful post. I love Easter so much.

  3. I love eggs-candles and eggs-omens.

  4. oh my god, these are the cutest little egg crafts. i'm in love with the first idea for candles and also the last idea for the little note inside. how did they drain the egg and get the note inside? that's pretty amazing :)

  5. Oh how sweet are these!! I love the all natural dye & little egg planters! So cute! Have a great Easter & weekend! xo

  6. i love the votive candles and fortune cookie eggs, such clever ideas! hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend jennifer!

  7. The egg shell planters are amazing!

  8. lovely egg projects. martha always has such good ones!
    hope you had a great easter weekend! ;)

  9. this is such a fun post! i lOVE that first image of the egg candles!

  10. all of them are so creative, don't know if I love the candles or the one that says "crack me" more :)

    beautiful blog! I'm following you:)


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