hello, weekend!

posted on: May 03, 2010

ahhhhhhh. i love the weekend!
not sure if these pics represent my weekend but they'll have to do! :)
how was yours???

thanks to my amazing friends the moore's who DONATED a lens to me! what what!?
heart you guys big time! :)

new decor in the house!

my loves growing wild!

fresh mint craving sun!

new toy found post flea (love you flea buddy! ;)

oh hello little one!
gorgeous growing artichokes!


fluid action.

and organized clutter.

hittin' the new week strong!
best to you!



  1. Wow, I love your white hanging planter, especially juxtaposed next to the that lovely shelf! And, artichokes growing, how cool! You ARE lucky to get a free lens, I wish someone would donate one to me ... the red cabbage with water is an awesome food photograph.

  2. LOVE YOU flea buddy! Thanks for putting up with me lecturing B. ;)
    YAY! for new lens via the Moores! bless them!
    love your gorgeous images. I'm thinking the loo's needs to feature you soon....

  3. fantastic photos! the light is just gorgeous in these images :]

  4. LOVE your photos as always! and how cool you got a donated lens!!

  5. one great blog leads to another! so glad you stopped by! Looking forward to following:)

  6. I perused through much of your blog today! So inspiring. Is that your garden!? How fabulous you guys are!

  7. Hey Jen,
    its always a pleasure to lock at your blog. Awesome scenes you capture and pictures you take, pretty amazing and inspiring,
    haven't found many cyclers yet ;)

    Jan from Germany, cycled last year through Slo


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