(a late) hello, weekend!

posted on: May 10, 2010

this one's short and sweet.
i worked quite a bit this weekend! 
so i thought i'd snap some shots around the the shop and show you around! 
we celebrated world fair trade day friday and saturday so it was quite the eventful weekend! 
food, music, coloring, kids, babies, art, coffee, desserts--all in the name of fair trade of course!
i was also fortunate to hang out at sally loo's, attend a benefit, take in some live music over tea, pop in a couple of antique stores, and relax. 
it was a lovely weekend overall! 
i hope you had a good one too!

this metal art is made out of large oil drums--artisans use a hammer and a nail to carve out intricate pieces! phenom.

cutie patootie!


  1. love you!
    can't wait for a weekend TOGETHER!!!
    love the shots.

  2. You have definitely worked quite a lot. You need a break and you will get it soon! *Wink

  3. Pss, great shots too. Love the last. ;)

  4. Clueless Red, love that!! Nothing like a cheeky name to get me to pick up that wine bottle.

  5. those brownies look SO GOOD!!

  6. Sounds like an awesome job and a wonderful weekend. Good for you in being a part in helping others. I admire you for your work.

  7. what a worthy cause! so many lovely goodies and that little boy is indeed a cutie patootie :)


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