the little dröm store II k ki

posted on: June 07, 2010

this week i want to share with you some of sweetest shops i visited while in singapore! singapore is amazing, folks! i recommend you go there stat! thanks to my tour guide and dear friend fiona, i was able to see the best! we hit up sooo many places in one day. it was one of those inspiration overload kind of days. i like those days...i like those days a lot.

first stop, the little dröm store//k ki! 
the sweetest little knick knack, vintage, and handmade goods store + a fine patisserie all rolled into one!


  1. jennifer, these images are gorgeous. love the warm lighting you captured! and yum, that souffle looks so good right now.

  2. looooving these photos - and what an amazingly cute shop! :)

  3. How sweet to be greeted with this post when i came over here! I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself! Cos i did too! Did you count like how many shops i brought you to? Haha! Trust me, the next time you're here - it's gonna be more inspiration overloading!

    Your photos are great, as always (told ya like a million times). Next time, we are gonna try all the cakes in k ki when you're here.

    That last shot was like whoa. Is that lady checking us out?!? LOVE YOU, talk soon.

  4. oooh love the jello card. it makes me long for... YOU! lets flea soon, please.

  5. i've ALWAYS wanted to visit singapore and now you've really got me sold! what a unique little store!

  6. ahh! all i have to say is lucky you! :) i wish i can visit one day. i love the store set up and displays, it's too darling!

  7. This is adorable. So charming!

  8. firstly your images are so legit, as always.
    and i want to own a cute store like this!! ;) xo.

  9. wonderful photos!!! this is really making me want to go to singapore!! i love those fun little quirky dolls!! :D

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