posted on: June 21, 2010


monday is almost over but here are some photos from the last few days...

we've had the best house guests come through this past week. some of our best friends and a couple of german boys traveling across the u.s. by bike (inspiring!). it's been an eventful and tiring week/weekend. 
but oh so enriching. 
a lot of laughter + quality time with loved ones--i've enjoyed every single moment of it. 
this weekend i was reminded of how much i love the central coast...as well as how much i miss some of my friends from back home. 

wishing you a good week ahead,


  1. hey j!! i can't believe i missed a few of your blog posts, so sorry! i LOVE the blur effect in the first 3 photos, the 3rd one is my absolute favorite of the bunch b/c you focused in on the person and blurred the rest, so cool! glad you had a great time w/ friends!

  2. tide pools are so fun! I just went recently!

  3. Jennifer, you really are incredible at photography! these are really cool!

  4. I love the photo of the crab! I'm jelly of all your German boys too!!

  5. Where on earth is that french toast(?) from? I must know and go eat some...like right now! :)

  6. I haven't been! I now know what I'm doing on Saturday morning. Thanks for the tip darlin'! :)

  7. wow! this photo stream could be an art exhibit all on its own, such adventure and creativity and wonderful experiences. not to mention how professional your photography skills are!

  8. What an incredibly fun weekend you had! Your photography amazes me and you guys are always living life to the fullest- LOVE that!


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