judy park (is amazing).

posted on: July 07, 2010

if you follow the NY edition of daily candy (or get the newsletter!)...you may have already caught a glimpse of these gorgeous images. but if you haven't, you're in for a treat! and if you're a fan of unique ice cream flavors and combos (as well as aesthetically pleasing designed packaging!) then this article is definitely for you! what is even more exciting [about the previous] is that the images for the article were shot by my friend judy park who has been an inspiration to me for a long time (even before i met her!). congrats judy for having your photos featured!! you amaze me. 

scroll down for some serious mouth-watering eye candy!


this is definitely someone you should follow! everything she does/creates is pure butter! she bakes (check out this amazing cake!), blogs, photographs [flickr], designs, has a killer fashion sense, just finished nursing school, and to top it off she is hilarious! judy lives in new york and and i live vicariously through her photos (her food photography is my fave). stop by her blog and say hi!


  1. mmm my mouth is totally watering!! i've actually had jeni's ice cream before, they have some very unique flavors, i like the wildberry lavendar! going to check judy's blog right now!

  2. it's easy to savor these photos. YUMMMMM.

    judy park sounds like a stellar renaissance woman and i'm off to visit her now. thanks for heads up. :) i love yummy links!

  3. besides the mouthwatering yumminess, I adore these colors! So bright and summer-y, I love them!

  4. those cookie icecream sandwiches look heaven sent. might need to subscribe to the daily candy chicago edition now as well as follow your friend's blog. :)

  5. amazing shots! so much light... it makes me want to have ice cream right now!

  6. ohmigosh my little bro ordered some of that ice cream for my mom for mothers day! it was soo good :) he saw them on the food network! such cute packaging! xo.

  7. Seriously my mouth is watering for ice cream so bad right now! Those pictures were delicious!


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