posted on: July 05, 2010




i had an insanely fun weekend! 
beautiful food, best friends, beachin', babies, surf, sand, sun, freedom, fireworks...and funny faces.
it doesn't get much better!

did you have a killer weekend?!
i've missed you!
have an outstanding week!


*all photos were shot with an iphone using the cross process app


  1. Oh wow, looks like an awesome time! I had s pretty standard and fun 4th of July weekend -- BBQ, shopping (epic sales right now), family time, and my boyfriend made watermelon juice (delicious and refreshing!).

  2. oh wow! it does look like perfection ;) I love all the berries, and nail colors, and balloons, and sunshine, the babies and even elmo!

  3. I love all these pictures! so much fun indeed! have a nice week! xoxo

  4. i felt like i was with you this weekend with how well you captured your moments via photos. love it!

  5. some awesome photos! looks like you had a great 4th of july!

  6. man those iphone gadgets are fancy! my weekend was fun: i saw fireworks three nights in a row!

    [p.s. those pics o' mine were just regular ol' digital, but they are flattered you thought they might be film! I wish I could use film all the time but it's not cheap :( ]

  7. Soquel? As in Santa Crux, CA?
    Love the app. btw. :-)

  8. the balloons are so magical!

    have a wonderful day :)

    xo Alison

  9. great pictures! a very beautifully aesthetic fourth of july indeed!

  10. Looks like an amazing weekend. I'm a wee bit jealous.

  11. HI
    Wow i'm so surprised at how great the cross process app on iphone is...might have to go get one now haha
    but i absolutely love your pics and was just wondering what type of camera and settings u usually use in your other shoots :)


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