take a break! go outside! be with people!

posted on: October 11, 2010

i loved last week. i'm back with renewed energy! taking some time off from blogging was refreshing. i didn't realize how much time i spent on a daily basis blogging and reading blogs (or maybe i did?!). it was good to step away for a bit to re-prioritize and catch up on life! i spent more time outside, more q.t. with the husband and friends, and indulged in doing nothing a few times. it gave me time to re-evaluate why i blog, and also think about the direction of this blog--where i see it going and where i want it to go! but this is probably old news to you...as at one point in time you have probably felt the same way about blogging..or work, and you have gone through the same re-evaluation process. it's normal right!? 

when it comes down to it, the reason i blog is pretty simple: to share and be inspired by ART--which in my mind comes in so many different forms. i'm inspired daily and i can't keep it to myself!!! with that being said, thank you for coming on this journey with me! i appreciate each and every one of you--whether silent or vocal!!! all your comments, emails, and interactions keep me doing what i do. so many doors have opened since i started blogging and i am beyond grateful! 

i also wanted to take the time to welcome my newer readers! i'm glad you're here :). in case you are wondering, the following is what you'll currently find on i art u!

monday: weekend goodness! mostly pictures, sometimes words.
tuesday: tuesday feature (often giveaways)--sharing artists and/or products that resonate with me!
wednesday: see//hear-an image or piece of art + a correlating music video that inspires!
thursday: i art u! things i heart. major eye candy day!
friday: anything goes! i'll keep you guessing!  :)

...and to those who have been reading for a while...is there anything you want to see more of?! i'd love your feedback!


ok ok...enough of my rants. i'm going outside!
i'll be back later tonight with some weekend goodness!!! 
have a gooooooooooooooood week!


  1. don't change anything - i love what you do!!! your colors are so vibrant in your pictures and i just love getting to know you more through your posts. love your blog, friend!

  2. I am a lucky girl. I get you in blog form and in real life form.

  3. i wouldn't change a thing girl!! your blog is beautiful, especially your photography!! and your eye for art is soo refreshing!! love it!!

  4. by the way, i totally know what you mean about how nice it feels to step away from blogging once in awhile!! ;)

  5. It is nice to step away for a while! I just stepped away for three weeks due to life craziness and I did think about stepping away for good, but there is always something that keeps us coming back isn't there?

  6. Wish i was taking a break with you.

    Miss you too jennnnn.

  7. daily posts: make my day happier
    tks Jen!

  8. one of the more interesting, inspiring and thoughtful blogs. Glad your back! Love what you do x

  9. I'm so glad you had a nice and relaxing time off! You deserve it, girl! I love your blog just the way it is. :)


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