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posted on: November 02, 2010

"with anything you put out into the world, you're fully shaping your identity. ultimately it's people who are going to be creating the things that then go beyond you." --feist.

(via le grand cru via listen to feist)

no tuesday feature today folks, sorry! but something better for you to soak in?! my friends over at le grand cru posted the feist documentary trailer [look at what the light did now] this morning and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it! and it's just the trailer! first off, feist rocks my socks off and i was reminded of this fact today!! i was fortunate to see her twice on her last tour--this woman knows how to put on a show!! such a visual and auditory aesthetic treat! she is raw, and she is art. go see her if you get a chance! secondly, did you watch the trailer!? i connected with it on so many levels and especially her philosophy on putting yourself out there and being. watching this trailer gave me the "i'm so inspired i can't sit still" feeling! do you ever get that?! 
there's been a lot on my plate lately and i'm so thankful because i am HUNGRY. so so hungry. i'm hoping to knock out a few projects that have been put on the back burner for a while! i'm ready to get back to work...

how's your week going?!?!?!?!


  1. YESSSS. Thanks for re-posting! #1 girl crush goes to ms. feist. did i tell you she's singing at my wedding?
    pysch. lu

  2. Uhhhh! I loved that! My week is definitely better than last week :)

  3. More, more, more! That has just perked up my morning! That's it, I am turning off NPR and putting Feist on!

  4. ok just one more blog comment and back to work!! ;)

    p.s. i have a giveaway on my blog today~! would love for you to enter!

  5. I feel like I want to watch that trailer about 10 more times. In a row. I'm with Ashley-- major girl crush. Feeling so inspired!

    How's YOUR week going, lady?


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