i've got nothing! but everything.

posted on: November 22, 2010

nothing from the weekend that is...

but i did want to share a few things! i tweeted this last week so you may have seen it, but for those of you who don't have twitter...i wrote about a honeymoon hot spot on green wedding shoes last week! check it out HERE!

things i have enjoyed today...

flashy's mixes gettin' me in the holiday spirit (free to download, yesss!)!
lovin' all of the extra rue goodies as well!

this ferrero flip, sweet paul's signature cocktail!

this nojito mocktail! via kate spade of course.

this aztec cocoa from sweet earth chocolate is the BEST! a beautiful kick in the throat! 
'bout to make a cup...

yes, the holiday season is in full bloom!!! can you feel it?! 
what are you excited for most during this season?????????????????


  1. i wish i could have gone on your honeymoon with you. hehehe.
    (we always have our 2nd year anniversary! it's coming up! where are we going?)

  2. honeymoon in a tree house in new zealand- amazing.

  3. wow
    you have inspired me haha
    that baby was the CUTEST
    and the aztec cocoa wow

  4. Okay, you win most adventurous honeymoon award. So beautiful!

  5. oooh, thanks for this post! so many linkies to click through. i do love me some free tunes!

  6. also, where do you get that cocoa? is there a local place that sells it? i am needing it (i always add chili powder to my hot cocoa anyway, so this is perfect!).

  7. wow!!! you stayed in a treehouse for your honeymoon! how awesome!! that place look so beautiful!

    We went to a resort in Jamaica and it was sooo nice except hubby got sick the second day he got there..boo!

  8. I love how you think! Just finished keeping my fingers toasty on a warm cup of aztec cocoa... only wish i'd made more. ;)

    Oh and I want your honeymoon!!!

  9. So many AWESOME things!!! I want to stay in a tree house so badly!


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