sponsorship (and a giveaway)!

posted on: November 09, 2010

is your business, blog, or site a good fit for i art u?! i'm taking sponsors! email me at iartu.jennifer(at)gmail(dot)com for affordable rates, blog stats, and more details! also, i'd love for you to take this three question survey (click HERE) to help me improve this blog (it's super duper short!)! if you're interested in winning a one month sponsor spot on I ART U, leave your email address at the end of the survey for a chance to win! oh, and all survey takers get a virtual hug. you know you want one!!!!! thank you so much for reading and for your continuous support!  --j.


  1. id love to win a spot 'cause i love your blog, girl! (you know this. ;))


  2. Good luck with sponsors, I am sure you'll get lotsa interest!

  3. woohoo!!! i'm def interested, and you know it! :)


  4. Oooh, awesome!! On my way to go do that! I would loooove to sponsor your lovely blog! Have a wonderful weekend! (But, when do you not? haha!.)

    OH!!! I forgot to tell you. My boyfriend told me if I make 1,000$ from my Etsy shop he will take me to California!!! Ahhhh. How amazing would that be?!


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