posted on: February 08, 2011

it's been a while since i've done a weekend post! this one was a good one.

the husband and i spent the weekend in southern california (home for me!). we got into LA just as the sun was setting. the sky welcomed us with glorious shades of pinks, blues, and purples--i was alive. i can't tell you how much i miss the city! the first thing we did? dessert before dinner. our friend matt brought us to scoops and we indulged in funky and fresh flavors like brown bread (?!--it was delish.), basil goat cheese, maple oreo, and chocolate jasmine. post scoops we met up with our other friend andre and hit up lemonade in venice. good ol' part lemonade stand, part grade-school cafeteria fun. later that night we headed to hotel cafĂ© to meet up with more amazing pals and see my friend joe gil play. i love all the people we spent time with this weekend. they make my life so much better! aside from the previous there was a lot of lounging around, movies, a little bit of window shopping, an ikea pit stop, blood orange pinkberry (SO GOOD.), and rest. we got good rest!

how was your weekend? what did you do?
stay tuned for a giveaway coming at you later today!


  1. i want you to take me to your home! every frame made my eyes freak out!!

  2. LOVE the heart shoes and the froyo, yum!!!!

  3. t-shirts and fro-yo and sunshine!?! what a beautiful weekend!

  4. amazing pics! love all the color and those hanging plants! so sweet!next time you're around we'll have to do coffee...with Jessica (Destined to Design) too, huh? xxx ~J

  5. such a beautiful + inspirational wknd!
    jaw dropping-ly beautiful photos, jenn.

  6. love love love love love.
    particularly love the shots of your sweet little feetsies, the one of homer with your yellow pants in the reflection, and all the anthro shots!!
    the talent is unreal.

    p.s. waiting with bated breath for my pics!!! :) :)

  7. Your photos are so fun! Love your heart shoes and that blood orange pinkberry looks sooo good!
    Have a great rest of the week :)
    Natasha xo

  8. how fun! I've never heard of scoops, but that sounds simply amazing. thanks for giving me a place to add to my "list"! :)


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