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posted on: April 21, 2011

(images via orangette)

Do you read Molly's food blog Orangette? I'm a new reader and a definite fan. It was a blog suggested to me by Sarah right before I left for Seattle! Chock-full of delicious recipes and stunning photos (she uses film!), it will for sure draw you in! Molly started her blog back in 2004 and since then has written a book, met her husband Brandon (through her blog!!!), and opened a restaurant--Delancey, in Ballard, Seattle.


We visited Delancey on our first night in town! The food was incredible and the cozy ambiance matched the tastiness of the pizza we ordered. Be sure to visit this place if you're in Ballard! On another note, I wasn't aware of what orangettes were until I read Molly's "About Me" section in her blog. I made them yesterday! I'll be posting pictures and a recipe later today. Stay tuned!

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1415 NW 70th Street
Ballard, WA 98117

P.S. Take a look at their new project!


  1. you always find the coolest things and coolest places to eat!

  2. AAAAAAH I love black and whites. That place looks wicked cool.

  3. Jennifer, you do an incredible job capturing different angles and lighting of these places. Its a great take on your perspective.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. oh me oh mi! i live a few blocks from delancey!!!! mmmm yummy.

    xo moorea


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