posted on: April 06, 2011


A series of hand-embroidered lithographs by Shaun Kardinal
1. Near Oregon City, 2010 
2. Near Shasta Dam, 2010 
3. Seattle, Washington 

Josh and I are heading to Seattle today! There's not much more to say besides....YEEEAAAAHHH. Do you guys have any recs for must-go, must-see, must-eat places!? Please inform! Also, if you live in Seattle and need your picture taken, I'm available for hire! Just shoot me an email. Thanks and see you upon my return! In the meantime, enjoy the guest bloggers I have lined up for ya! -J.


  1. I love the retro vibe on these!

    Enjoy Seattle!

  2. wicked! Enjoy your trip to seattle! :) Hopefully you'll be not too 'sleepless'...

    haha yes. lame joke? maybe not. i am still cool. haha.

  3. love, love these. i will always be a fan of embroidery and art.

  4. These are incredible! Have fun in Seattle! I have never been so I have nothing for ya, ha ha.

  5. Ooo these are wayyy cool!
    And how fun! So glad you get to go on a trip! I have never been there!
    Have the best time Jennifer!

  6. Have so much fun!

  7. Lucky! Hope you two have a blast! Can't wait to hear about it. :)

  8. Sweet. Have heaps of fun and can't wait to see all the beautiful photos you'll be taking!

  9. wow, have fun in seattle, jen. i look forward to seeing seattle through your eyes.

    these prints are awesome.

  10. hurray seattle! food-related recs: go to the crumpet shop (by the market) for some hot crumpets and then (maybe wait until the next day) take a ferry to blackbird bakery on bainbridge island for the best toast in the world!

    and of courrrse go to the ridiculously awesome library. Have fun!!

  11. oh my goodness- so jealous! i wrote a post about my favorite seattle spots a while back: http://katehartsdesign.blogspot.com/2011/01/as-i-was-in-process-of-leaving-seattle.html

    The short list: anywhere on Ballard Ave. for shopping/eating, Paseo's for amazing cuban sandwiches, capitol hill for more eating/shopping (don't skip Elliot Bay Books or Molly Moon's for ice cream!)... and Macrina or Besalu for pastries!

    Have so much fun! Hope you get some nice weather :)

  12. such cool pieces!!
    have fun in seattle. hope the sun is shining back home while I am visiting brazil - so you have great shooting days ;)


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