Guest Post -- Cassie from The Veda House

posted on: February 14, 2012

Hi there I ART U readers. This is Cassie from The Veda House and I've been sponsoring Jennifer's blog for several months now because her little space of the internet is so inspiring. While she's away I wanted to show you guys something that has been inspiring me. I'm usually not a big fan of animated gifs and feel that in most cases, they are distracting and don't have a purpose. REED + RADAR (Pamela Reed & Matthew Radar) have changed my mind about the possibilities of using animated gifs. They do an amazing job, bring fashion to life (literally), which allows people to see the clothing move and interact with the person wearing it. Cool huh? They've shown me that with simple animated gifs, you can make experiences, like look at fashion clothing, so much more dynamic and interactive. Really neat! Enjoy.


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