Sponsor Roundup / August

posted on: August 14, 2012


Shouts to my August Sponsors! I love what they're up to--take a look!

1 Amanda's travelogue(s). Speechless!
2 Jennifer's house looking lovely as ever.
Quinoa breakfast salad via Blogmilk anyone?
4 Cassie is napping--I dig it. I'm thinking I need a nap in September! (Image by Jenilee)
Lovely tunes via Pennyweight. (Image by Tim Melideo)
Ranu is traveling to Spain and Croatia--two places I'm itching to visit. Keep up with her on Instagram!


  1. I love how you showcase sponsors in this way! Neat idea, and some wonderful links for me to explore!

  2. this is so cool!!! ;)
    so pretty~ love how you arrange them!!
    and thanks for all these fun new links!

  3. i love the fact that croatia in on people's radar. i spend a lot of summers there, when i was younger. i have not been back in over ten years. hopefully i get to go back soon. jennifer, if you ever decide to go, believe me, you won't regret it :)



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