On the Go

posted on: April 23, 2013


What is up?! I miss you guys! I've been out and about quite a bit and Instagram seems to be the most convenient outlet as of late, but I think about you and this wonderful online blogging community often. These days, my life feels full and I've been enjoying less time behind a computer screen. What about you? I'd love to hear the new and amazing! xo

*Photo from our trip to Ootelwah + Nashville, TN.


  1. same here - Instagram is the only thing I can keep up with.. might even be a little addicted! But life is so full and busy which is wonderful! Just trying to keep up to date with everything as well as having fun. This work/life/love battle is a tricky one - but touch wood at the moment it's going well!

    Nice to see you back here - and always love seeing what you're up to on Instagram x

  2. Instagram is such an easy + go-to tool for documenting our lives. I live by it! :)

    So glad to hear you are doing well and keeping busy.. and enjoying life! Have a happy week. :) By the way... Isn't TN just a lovely state!? I miss it.

  3. I really enjoy your instagram posts. They always bring a bit of sunshine to my day :)

  4. You were (sort of!) in my neck of the woods! Nashville - that is one of my favorite cities. Glad you're well and full, Jennifer. Missed your online-ness!

  5. Warmer weather always leaves my computer feeling a bit lonely also.

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    Keep Posting:)


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