10 (+1) things wish list/GIVEAWAY

posted on: December 12, 2009

happy holidays to all of my lovely readers!!! here's what has been catching my eye as of late...
(scroll to the bottom for the giveaway!)

(or any other wooly product for that matter hehe)

how AMAZING is this!??!!?
growing your own shiitake's in the comfort of your own home? on a LOG?! speechless.

have had cravings for this print for a while now...

whoaaaaaa! i'll stop there :)
here's the deal!
i want to get to know my readers! :)
and so in the spirit of christmas, i'm having a wish list giveaway!
$20 value  [before shipping]! (sorry, i wish i could afford your whole list!)

here are the rules:
leave a comment on this blog post telling me:
(1) what your favorite thing about winter is
(2) leave a link to something that is on YOUR christmas wish list (that is 20 buckies or less)

the drawing will take place using random.org on the night of the 15th of december
and the winner will be notified on the 16th!
(your gift may arrive a little after christmas :))

please spread the word! on tweet tweet, fb, or your own blog!
it would be greatly appreciated.

love to you!
don't be shy.
please say hi!


  1. hi. miss u guys. our fav thing about winter is u guys and us..hanging out..in baltimore...in the snow. our wish list: cute beanies and gloves. your pick. love: d&d (guess who?!) :)

  2. 1) favorite thing about winter is-- winter break! getting to spend time with j + j.
    2) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36050496

    LOVE U!!! :) one more week!!!

  3. 1) fave thing about winter is the cold weather to drink a perfect cup of hot cocoa!
    2) www.blog.legrandcru.us/2009/11/29/nerf
    (with extra darts haha)

  4. Favorite thing about winter: pea coats and peppermint mochas
    my xmas list item: from www.nordstrom.com a pair of 'butter socks'
    Merry christmas jen!
    Rachel P.

  5. 1) Oh dear. So many good things about winter. I'm going to have to say spiced cider and layering clothes. Also how southernly the sun is at noonday.

    2) This is on my list: http://www.store.americanapparel.net/graphcube.html

  6. 1] fave thing about winter would have to be seeing snow covered mountains and drinking peppermint hot cocoa.

    2] http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/photo-hanger-clips

    ps. i jus got the perpetual gardening calendar from krank press when i was at uniqueLA and it is super wonderful! def a must buy! :)

  7. favorite thing about winter is rain and movies and the smell of christmas trees :)



  8. my favorite thing about winter? getting to go home! ... and sparkly lights and skating on frozen ponds and wood stoves and a cocoon of down comforters.


  9. I got the wood station weather display earlier this year. the face of the "wood block" has started to peel off already! - its a sticker! i want to seal it back on but afraid that it will bubble and look ghetto

  10. jenn, you're so fun! :)

    [1] favorite thing about winter is seeing everyone come home for christmas break and.. mm, the smell after the rain.

    [2] http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=16571663&navAction=jump&isProduct=true&parentid=MORE%20IDEAS&isProduct=true&cross-sell=true&guide-bn=true

  11. only one thing?

    watching my girls' faces Christmas morning.

    here is a little something off my list:
    the littlest coin purse from anthropologie (wouldn't let me link for some reason)

  12. Hi Jenn! This is such a fun giveaway!

    1. Favorite thing about winter: Wearing boots and scarves!

    2. Wishlist Item: http://www.amazon.com/Reprodepot-Pattern-Book-Vintage-Inspired-Reprodepots/dp/0811867498/ref=wl_it_dp_v?ie=UTF8&coliid=I294K6ZCNU33RJ&colid=2PQ6KN3FSKI04

    Thanks for spreading Christmas cheer through this giveaway!
    p.s. i will take it used! :)


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