our first christmas hunt :)))

posted on: December 09, 2009

this is us at hopper bros. christmas tree farm.
josh was a trooper...out and about!...even though he has a herniated DISC.
i love him to death!
sportin' the new beanie the husband just made for me!
...gather wine bar at the village in AG.
good! night!


  1. WTH, where did that wine bar come from?

  2. Josh got some skillz. He's a mad hatter. I want to joke about the wine bar being there since 1903. But it's just the building.

  3. hey jen, I love your pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

  4. Jenn! i said no pics of me while i was dancing, and i am definitely busting a move in that first photo!.

  5. hey travis i use my little rebel xti! definitely ready for an upgrade though :). thanks for the compliment!!!!

  6. The xti is a great camera. I asked cuz I'm a nikon user but there are some canons I droool over ( like the new 7D!). It's really about who's behind the camera anyway. To prove my point check out this Japanese pro photographer Koichi Mitsui, he takes pictures with his iPhone 3GS to show it's not about the equipment but the user: http://sasurau.posterous.com

  7. koichi is schaweeet!

    jozen!! thank you so much!


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