fat tuesday

posted on: February 16, 2010

helllllllooooooo out there!
how was your long weekend?!
(if you had one!)
unfortunately, i didn't...
and unfortunately, i didn't make it into the food fest this weekend either! boo
there were thousands of hungry people--some made it in, some didn't.
oh well. better luck next time!

i did have a pretty glorious weekend though (most of which revolved around food, good food!)!
and of course good friends.

bread bar scenes.

i'm having a hard time deciding whether or not i want to continue the "poladroid"-ed weekends.
i'm missing the postage of normal pics! and most of the pics i take are taken during the weekend...

what do you guys think?
to poladroid, or not?!

maybe i will mix it up.

here are three pics you can compare:


beautiful scenes from anthro

hope you had a lovely one! 
please, do tell me about it! :)



  1. i'm LOVING that honey shot on the left.
    p.s. i like the poladroids but i also love the rawness of your normals. :)

  2. your photos are really gorgeous - i prefer the non-poladroids!

  3. i think a mix of your original photos and poladroids would be perfect!! i love that poladroid program, it's sooo cool!

  4. thanks for your input guys! i think i'll mix it up! love!

  5. *sigh*.

    your blog is making me terribly happy.

    following for sure.




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