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posted on: February 18, 2010

the following things move me...

parallel world by ji lee
"People fill the floor of their homes with furniture and walls with paintings and pictures. So why are the ceilings left empty? Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism. People don't look at the ceiling anymore. It's a dead space. So I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there's a parallel world which coexists with ours." (via)

op art in frankfurt! yowza!
"Op art, also known as optical art, is used to describe some paintings and other works of art which use optical illusions. Op art is also referred to as geometric abstraction and hard-edge abstraction, although the preferred term for it is perceptual abstraction. The term "Op" bears resemblance to the other popular movement of the 1960s, Pop Art though one can be certain such monikers were invoked for their catchiness and not for any stylistic similarities." (via)
 {via amras de}

russian photographer and artist lafayette

pothole gardens by pete dungey

coffee beans+trees+leaves=hello!

right up my alley sir!...
the texture, the mediums, oh my.


  1. my eyes are SO happy looking at those images! i want to make an upside down world on our ceiling!!

  2. those pothole gardens are the coolest things ever!!!


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