party time!

posted on: April 12, 2010

confetti system has successfully spread like wild fire in the blog world...
but i just couldn't help my self!!! 
it was a must! post!
so much jaw dropping beauty+color+styling!

i have a couple days off and will be spending my time with some amazing friends at home!
i'll still be posting the giveaway winner on thursday (plus another new exciting giveaway :)...
as well as a "hello, WEEK" post!
stay tuned...and i'll miss you!

(click the images for the "sources")
confetti overload?! (nahhhhhhhhhh)
let the good times roll!
Picture 4 


  1. does this post just happen to coincide with a birthday? ;) enjoy your time off sweetie!

  2. totally diggin the confetti! i love confetti garlands!

  3. haha YES it does sandy! how did you know ;)?

    aren't they gorgeous leila!? mmmmm
    (ps i will be emailing you soon :)

  4. oh you can never have too much confetti!! ;)

  5. Oh my! I love ALL of these!! The layered triangle one is my favorite. I want to make my own right-NOW!

    Love your blog! ♥

  6. Oh I love confetii! Cute pictures ^_^

  7. saw over on cocoa green that it's your birthday!!!! i might be a little belated but i hope it was 100% fantastic. happy happy birthday!

  8. who knew confetti could be so glamourous?

  9. Hah i have seen these and till date, seeing these always make me smile. Confetti = :)


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