how much waste?

posted on: May 05, 2010

"Kristin Eddington designed these bags to 'draw attention to the amount of waste we discard each day', & every animal portrayed in bag form is an animal directly effected by human waste. That is a truly noble inspiration for art, but beyond that - they're just cool." {via mallory from where the lovely things are}


  1. wow, this is so cool, such a unique, inspiring idea ♥♥♥

  2. these are great.. i love how they really make people think about waste and the environment. ;)

  3. i like this idea!

    BUT i'm kinda iffy on buyin the bags. It's cool to buy em to spread the idea and inform others, but if you're using them as trash bags then isn't it kinda is going against the point?

    use paper bags people! :D and try to throw less away ;)


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