wknd part [2] + music

posted on: July 21, 2010

i think it has officially become a tradition...
at least one show at the hollywood bowl every summer!

ewephoria and raisins on the vine from the cheese store!

and the lineup! if you haven't listened to these peeps check 'em out!
z and m3-1
[the bird and the bee] image 1, 2, 3

[she & him] image 1, 2, 3

 and the lovely duo from once [the swell seasonimage 1, 2, 3

hope you all had a good wednesday!!


  1. sounds like a lovely concert! aren't She and Him so neat!

  2. oh my gooodness! That line up makes me wanna cry! I wish I had hopped on that one.. so fun! so glad y'alls could go!

  3. These are incredible shots - do you have a DSLR on you or P&S? I've got to hit the concerts up because these are awesome!

  4. Just gorgeous. Wish I was there with you. I love She & Him and Swell Season...now I have to check out The Bird and The Bee.

  5. I love all three of those bands so much! I haven't put She & Him on my YouTube Friday yet, but I'm sure it's imminent. Also, what do raisins on the vine taste like? We definitely do NOT have those in NC!

  6. I WAS HERE!!!! I'm friends with Tommy and found your blog when he showed me the header he made for you a while back!!! I haven't been on in a while and just came to take a peek and TADA!!! You were there too!!!!

    It was truly lovely, wasn't it!?!?

  7. these bands are the best! so addicted to them lately, amazing shots :)


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