itchin' for tea...

posted on: August 27, 2010

...mostly for jamie's tea!


  1. gorgeous! this bring together two of my favourite things: tea and design.

  2. great!
    i love tea!
    packaging is beautiful

  3. Oh, how pretty and neat are these little tea sets? Beautiful!

  4. These are so gorgeous, they'd be perfect gifts! I knew there were lots of reasons to love Jamie Oliver, aside from him being so handsome!

  5. Oh, tea!! Pretty much anything done with tea impresses me. I just had some Lipton with honey and lemon and it tasted like a really good cookie.

    Yeah! So I rented the new canon 15-85 lens from and then just went to town (and everywhere else) with it. I decided it didn't have the speed I liked, but it WAS a fun toy to play with!

  6. these are BEAUTIFUL. i think i'd almost just prefer to look at them, rather than drink them.


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