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posted on: October 28, 2010

today, you are in for a real TREAT! for the past couple of months or so i have been transforming my dining room into a studio/work area. yup...it was SO necessary! it's been a really slow process (and in no way done!) but it's also been really good to finally have a space that is comfortable and inspiring! during these past few months i have been OBSESSED with interiors--especially art studios, work spaces, desk areas, desks, chairs...desk acessories, etc. etc. i have been scouring blogs for images and inspiration! some peeps have mad style! i've asked three amazing and talented artists/designers with this said "mad style" to share their spaces today! i was so stoked with all the images i received (i didn't expect any less)! they are all so different and beautiful! first up:

i'm sure you are all familiar with katrina's amazing blog--a mecca of incredible resources! i have learned so much from this lovely lady! not to mention, her life and the way she expresses herself is so inspiring! 
take a look at her space...i think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves!!!
(italicized text below images is from katrina!)

 photo wall, inspiration board and main computer

 photos by some of my favorite photographers: Elle Moss and Cassia Beck

 fuji instax mini experimental shots

 i wear these frames when my webcam is on :) -- they provide a protective facade.  
i've been told that i scowl when in deep thought.

 i use my pc to test my sites in internet explorer.

 i live for garage sale art

 paper lanterns

  my reading nook 

japanese mags & books -- my only vice

thank you katrina for sharing your space!! if you haven't checked out katrina's blog..make sure to stop by and say hello! and stay tuned for another workspace in a couple of hours! happy almost friday!


  1. Beautiful! I love how the eclectic pieces add interest to the white walls, and how the white walls allow each space to breathe so they have more impact.

  2. oh wow! her space is sooo soo inspirational!! i wish i could decorate my crafting area as nice as hers!!

  3. It is beautiful like I imagine her space would be! I LOVE the glasses:)
    Thank you ladies for sharing with us!

  4. This is such a dreamy working space. Not that surprising for such a talented lady like Katrina.

  5. Oh wow, thanks so much for featuring Katrina's space! It is so inspirational (and makes me want to clean mine...!)

  6. i love this space katrina! i can see where you get your inspiration from for all your cute digi elements :)

  7. it's adorable! love the photo wall!

  8. I love your garage sale artwork! They tell so many stories!

  9. So inspiring and fun to look into a creative space like Katrinas! Thanks for sharing your home :)

  10. I'm loving your workspace, Katrina!! It's exactly how I envisioned! Clean, organized and with load of colorful inspiration! I'm also drooling over your big "mama jamma" Mac!! I do all my work on a little macbook, so I have total computer envy ;o)

  11. Oh my goodness, I was just gushing on my blog about how awesome Katrina is! I love her space!

  12. Oh gosh, I'm drooling all over my keyboard! That's a hot office! I seriously cannot wait to have my own office space one day! Only have to put up living in a tiny home for one more year! YUSS! :)

  13. Wow,interesting post. What do you think about this test web cam ?


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