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posted on: April 08, 2011


Hey There! Curt here, the second half of the dynamic Grizzly Bear Modern duo filling in for Jen today. I figured I'd give you a little art for your Friday. Check out that typical scene of domestic living up there. Seem a little off to you? Kinda smooshy? Well that's 'cuz it's all hand sewn fabric and leather impostors posing as a trusty wooden ladder, garden hose, etc. With that, I'd like to introduce you to the amazing Mashanda Scott. She calls herself a sculptor, but that's a pretty loose definition. Regardless of what you call it, she does some pretty amazing things with the materials she chooses to work with.

"With my sculptures, my aim is to replicate (as closely as possible) functional everyday objects in an opposite material, rendering them useless.  Through the loss of function, form gains importance.

I tend to choose objects that I am familiar with, but whose beauty I have ignored.  I love objects that are well worn and used, with scrapes and paint splatters.  The details are important, and I love discovering them as I explore the object. "

Mashanda graduated from Art Center in 2009 and is originally from Seattle (appropriate, no?) but now lives in LA.


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Curt! You rock! Thanks for sharing Mashanda Scott's work here on I ART U! // Wishing you all an inspiring and people-filled weekend! See you next week. -J.


  1. hi Curt!

    it's awesome to see both yours and Jess's guest posts here today while i'm playing catch up on all of Jennifer's goodness. this bit of amazement has my covert ops meter sky rocketing, so rad!!! the mediums she incorporates into her designs are stellar and thanks so much for sharing it. gosh, how i'd love to see her installations up close and personal but this was a splendid thing to enjoy today. thanks for rockin' the goods! ♥

  2. how awesome. what a great talent and work - thx for sharing ;)

  3. tremendous....i would like to see more....<3


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