posted on: May 03, 2011

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Community! That's where it's at. Le Grand Cru released a special compilation today to help raise money for the victims who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The digital album features a "heavy SEA-town roster" with a few songs that haven't been public until now. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to direct relief. You can listen to the entire album before you purchase it here

For more info and to see a video about the makings of the album, check out the Le Grand Cru blog. Please spread the word if you feel inclined, thank you!


  1. WOW! What a great idea! And new music to follow! Thanks!

  2. HEY!
    Hot Bodies in Motion! those are my boys! I've know the boys for years and used to date one of them, was roommates with one of them, and now my boyfriend lives with them in my old house haha. Awesome!!!

    And my old band and I played a show with LeMolo about a year ago. nice.
    xo Moorea

  3. Wow, this is so great.

    I've got to echo Moorea-- I'm friends with one of the guys in Hot Bodies in Motion, so this makes me happy. I've also seen Noah Gunderson perform quite a few times and he's fantastic.

    Definitely worth the $$ for such a good cause!

  4. So good. I love Japan.. the culture, people, food.. everything is awesome and I'm very sad for everything happened there! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!




  5. THis is awesome. A great cause! I will have to go check this out.

    PS. What is your email address? I will email you the Loaded Miso soup recipe. A lot of it I did by taste, not quantities of cups, etc. but I can at least email you the ingredients list and rough quantities.

  6. this is wonderful, i love when artists come together for such a worthy cause. thank you for sharing!

  7. I love that you're friends with Noah! He seems like such a cool guy. I've seen him at the Fremont Abbey, a benefit concert for a non-profit, and mayybe Q cafe. I've seen a lot of shows there, so I can't remember!

  8. off to purchase! i love this.


  9. great idea, intention and incredible sounds. off to check it out.


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