posted on: June 30, 2011

Yes, this beautiful piece of art, Fore, is on my "wanted" list. It's by the one and only David (aka Dabito) of Old Brand New. The first edition print sold out mad quickly and I'm patiently waiting to get my pretty little paws on a second ed. print when it comes out (keep your eyes peeled for the next batch!). Along with this, there are a few other things on my "wanted" list...and you can see them on Pennyweight today! So stoked to be part of Elise's Wanted This Week series. Check it  out here.


  1. Thanks so much, Jennifer... your picks are some of my favorites! Honored to feature you.

  2. ok, clearly i need to get caught up on you and your blog (i've been away because of visitors and moving) but I LOVE your header, I"m going to go search your posts to see who it was. but i have a suspicion :) i LOVE IT. and i will go check out pennyweight, one of my faves, for your post!

  3. amazing!
    xo emily

  4. I love the colors use in this piece..the center reminds me of a jelly fish just swimming in the ocean.

    hope you will get the second ed. when it's out!


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