posted on: September 19, 2011

Stopping in to say hello. I had a really enjoyable time in Monterey, CA this weekend with friends I hold very dear to my heart! We spent time on the beach, enjoyed good meals, and witnessed two remarkable friends say their "I do's". It's been a while since I've been a guest at a wedding (sans camera) and I had the best time being in the presence of friends and celebrating love. Sadly, this is a short update as I'm about to get on the road again for some work. I'm hoping to catch you up on what I've been doing this summer. Soon...

Hope you had a pleasant weekend! -J.

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  1. Such a lovely city that I need to spend more time in, in fact the photo of the sunset makes me want to get on the road and head there now.

  2. I love Monterey. Did you take highway 1? That's probably my most favorite highway ever. The scenery is amazing!




  3. so random but one of my jr. high bffs moved to Monteray, CA but then have lost touch. have never been able to contact her - so i always think of her when i hear of Monteray.

    love that last photo!

  4. I love Monterey. The drive is so worth it, even if just for a day trip.

  5. whoa! that picture is gorgeous...

  6. Monterey is beautiful (as your photo proves)! My family were always members at the aquarium when I was growing up (so rad), and we would spend whole days there. Man, I miss California! Have a good business trip!

  7. @Shannon Moore ---- silly, that would be crazy with NO hands on the wheel!? :) it was a parked car!

  8. gorgeous post!



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