posted on: October 05, 2011

Hey guys, Emmadime here! I just recently acquired a few new hats from a nice man who sadly had to part from them. He was getting rid of the majority of his belongings- and boy-o-boy did he have a lot of amazing hats!! As I tried on each one, he told me the story behind it - where he got it, how long he had it, why there was a stain or a rip! I loved the personality and life that was already invested in them... I have been collecting hats for a while now and this experience only heightened my love for them - and when I say love, I mean obsession :)


*Emma is graphic designer and knitter based out of Dallas, TX. 
Find her here: Emmadime // Portfolio // Emmadime : Knitted // Twitter // PinterestThanks Emma! 

I'm excited to be on Emma's blog today for her "Lovely Lady" series. See here. So honored Emma--thanks again!


  1. oOO the first one is my fav too! but then again I am leaning more toward red this season!

  2. Hi Jennifer.

    Thank You for your wonderful blog! ♥

  3. oh my goodness, in love with the madewell one! soo good!

  4. That madewell hat is amazing, lovely!


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