posted on: October 06, 2011

hello! it's so nice to meet you! my name is satsuki shibuya & i am the designer / life aficionado behind satsuki shibuya (formally known as zakka nouveau). a big thank you to jennifer who kindly invited me to guest post here today while she is away capturing beautiful moments as i am a huge fan of her work (i'm sure you are too!) & so delighted to be able to share a little bit of something with you today. 
there are collectors of coins, collectors of cars, collectors of (fill in the blank). i collect lists (not by choice, but by default as i have to write everything down in order to remember things), but the other thing i collect (again, not by choice. by obsession) are publications/books. with so many wonderful zines/books/magazines/limited edition goodies out there, how can one just choose a few? i sure can't. here are a few that are on the top of my list currently. do you have any that you are just itching to get? i would love to hear!



Find Satsuki here: Satsuki Shibuya // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest. Thank you so much Suki!!


  1. Beautiful books... I'm itching for "The Modernist" as well!

  2. aw yay for pretty published things! These recommendations are a goldmine. I'm a personal fan of Hayden's Ferry -

  3. There publications look so pretty together as a collection!! Love! xxx to two of the sweetest ladies in the blogosphere! (Suki and Jennifer!!)

  4. I love collecting books too. I would love to see your collection! At the top of my list right now is Cutting Edges.

  5. @ali: i think the book cover itself i can stare at all day!

    @sarah: thank you for the recommendation!! (just opened a tab already to look at the link you shared. ;) )

    @justina: you are so sweet!! <3<3 i am so thankful to have met you & jennifer!!

    @old brand new: ooh! cutting edges~ that book looks delicious! now in my amazon cart. haha! i would love to see your collection!

    @j: haha! my blog is down & i miss having conversations w/ people so here i am chatting with everyone~ :D thank you again for having me!


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