Sponsor Roundup -- MARCH

posted on: March 16, 2012


1. The better half column on Amanda's blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 
2. A fantastic new series on the Stitch and Hammer blog -- Maker/Merchant
3. Welcoming Holly as a new sponsor this month -- she blogs and is a talented knitter
4. Have you seen the new pieces Jen is coming out with at A Merry Mishap Shop? So fab.
5. This new direction of Jessica Comingore's blog has me all excited!
6. Gorgeous snaps of Elise from Pennyweight (disposable camera style!). 
7. Looking forward to seeing more of this collaboration between The Veda House and Simply Grove.
8. This pretty pillow from Satsuki Shibuya arrived on my doorstep this week. It's evident how much love and time goes into all of her products and packaging. Suki is another new sponsor this month -- welcome!
9. Exciting new pieces from Another Feather -- coming very soon.
10. Loving the redesign of Blog Milk. Check out their new layouts.

Enjoy your weekend!! -J.


  1. Your sponsors are truly amazing! :)

  2. @Kimberly They are, aren't they?! Such a talented bunch. :)

  3. Yes so much talent!
    I want to come back right now, but i can, very soon my colection are be ready and i hope in that moment there is room for me :D

  4. Now I have a bunch of links to check out:)
    Your sponsors are each beautiful!
    Happy weekend J!
    x, Anna

  5. So glad to be one of your sponsors this month! I've got to check out all of the others! :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Loving the round up - really great picks. Those photos of Elise are gorgeous.

  7. thank you for the sweet shout out j! it makes me blush looking at all the talent that is presented here & being included in the mix... so thankful!


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