Sponsor Roundup / June

posted on: June 08, 2012

Screen shot 2012-06-08 at 1.48.04 PM

A big thank you to the sponsors that are hanging out here on IAU this month. Cheers to June! These are a few things that have caught my eye from these rad peeps (top left to right). Enjoy your weekend!

1 Cacti via Inspired to Share / Image by Elly Yap
2 The Blog Milk re-brand.
3 The Couses via Pennyweight / Image by Ryan Bernal
4 Catherinholm via Restyle.
5 White space via The Veda House
6 Thirteen favorite kitchen objects via A Merry Mishap
7 Smart Seiza via Zen Posture
8 Amanda Jane Jones on Instagram.
9 This series via Sunshine Girl.


  1. Hi,very nice blog!Follow us if you like our blog and we will follow you too!

  2. nice photos and post honey, i really love itttt!


  3. Catching up here and loving everything as usual- also, how FUN is this whole Instagram and Twitter thing? Yeah, I know, I'm like three years late to the party, but I'm having such a hoot. So happy to see you there!


  4. i love your blog! it is so inspring and such a great read :)

  5. You have such great sponsors! Amazing photographs!

  6. Thanks for the sponsor shoutout, Jennifer! :) So happy to be a part of this awesome lineup!

  7. i absolutely love this idea!!! how clever!
    xo TJ


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