san francisco feast 2009--->2010

posted on: January 12, 2010

phew! here's a taste of a+k+j+j's trip to the city for new year's...finally!
we lo00oo0ve you san frannnnncisssssssco!
cheers to the longest photo post on this blog!
eat up!

pre-midnight anticipation!

[photo by joshua, husband!]


incredibly delicious!
lovely stranger on the street

[right photo by joshua]

[photo by joshua]
nye nk
kenneth showin' us how it's done!

[left photo by ashley aka cocoa green]

fall on the car

an excellent recommendation from @beccabot! (aka rebecca hsu aka babycakes becca aka new york!)
started with peppermint and ended with a brown sugar and ginger caramel swirl
(deliciousness x2)

GOOD hotel


foreign cinema

tartine bakery
(best bread pudding i've had in life!!!)
blogged 1.12.10
[photo taken by joshua]

[photo taken by joshua]

flora grubb

[right photo taken by joshua]

woolly pockets!

ritual coffee!

sweet ashley

and there you have it! hope you folks got a taste of our feast!

until next time san fran!


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